One Hit Wonders 07-03-2017


Sad Eyes….or tears of triumph against the odds?
John scored a minor American chart hit aged 12 with “White Bucks And Saddle Shoes”, under his real name, Robert Pendrick Jr.
By his mid-30s, he was earning a living as a labourer, but a chance meeting with Smokey Robinson’s producer, George Tobin, helped rebuild his career.
The song they wrote spent six months on the US Hot 100; reaching number one on October 6th, 1979.


Here’s a group who passed the acid test with British holiday makers.
The London collective scored a top ten hit with the help of clubbers in the Mediterranean, and a sample of The Smiths’ “How Soon Is Now” (which cost them 25% of the royalties).
Guitarist and songwriter Tim London told Songfacts it’s a very modern break-up song:
“It’s about a woman being arrested by her (policeman) boyfriend.
She’s basically telling him it’s over, because he supports an establishment she wants to get rid of. If that sounds a bit pretentious now, it probably sounded less pretentious in the late 80s”.
Uhm….we’ll take your word for it, Tim.